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5-10 Solutions is a multi-faceted technology and business solutions company, specializing in assisting business startups as well as enhancing established business' exposure and maximizing profits. Working in every field from IT to legal, compliance and law enforcement, as well as restaurants and design. Your needs are our first concern

Partnering with small businesses in the Chicagoland area we have created a network of business professionals that can accommodate any of your personal or business needs.

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HR Solutions

Improving your workplace.

Creating employee handbooks, increasing productivity and training your staff on new and innovative products and ideas.

Public Relations

Public Relations

How to increase your exposure.

Your social media presence and reputation are important, reach more people the right way and reach the clientele you desire.

Technology Services

Web design.

The Web is your digital storefront

We can get a website up from scratch or improve the look of your website, your web presence is the first thing your customers see.

Increase Profits

Increasing your Profits

We want you working smarter, let us work harder

Time is one of the most valuable resources, let us figure out where you should be spending it and how to make your profits increase.

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